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BABA ROOTS HERBAL DRINK is a 100% Natural Energy Drink that taste absolutely GREAT! In the Energy Drink arena, BABA ROOTS is unique...there is NO CAFFEINE, NO CARBONATION & NO CHEMICAL ADDITIVES of any kind in BABA ROOTS!

You won't find BABA ROOTS packaged in aluminum cans or cardboard containers! To preserve the natural integrity of the product, BABA ROOTS is only bottled in clear glass bottles and then sealed for freshness.

BABA ROOTS only uses the finest ingredients harvested in the unspoiled fertile hills of Jamaica and formulated to help boost the immune system and energize the body. Our customers tell us that when they DRINK BABA ROOTS they go from dawn to dusk with a totally NEW LEVEL OF ENERGY!!! Try BABA ROOTS and discover what our loyal customers worldwide already know--BABA ROOTS can make a BIG difference in the way you feel and help you to perform at your maximum capacity in "every" way--that’s why people in the know DRINK BABA ROOTS.

BABA ROOTS HERBAL DRINK is the leading selling herbal root drink beverage out of the Caribbean manufactured only by B.A.B.A Ltd. in Jamaica West Indies. BABA ROOTS is a top-of-the-line beverage and not "just another drink product." We represent a "direction" born out of a vision of a natural rejuvenation of the body & soul. DRINK BABA ROOTS if you love yourself and want to help make your journey through life long, healthy and productive.



Chainy Roots - Is high in iron content. This makes it excellent for building up the blood, especially in cases of anemia or low blood count. Persons suffering from pain can gain relief. It is useful for skin problems. It is a well-known aphrodisiac and persons with low sex drive or impotence are benefited.
MENTHA - It helps stimulate the stomach and liver, cools indigestion by combating gas, relieves flatulence, strengthens and soothes the bowels and helps with cramping.
Sarsapilla It serves as a tonic to promote good circulation (tones, balances, strengthens overall body functions). It works as a blood purifier and general detoxification aid. It alleviates rheumatism, skin disorders and physical weakness and stimulates metabolism and male sexual potency (to increase vitality and virility).
Hug-Mi-Tight - Protects brain cells, protects skin cells (anti-aging); for coughs, bronchitis, chest colds and other upper respiratory problems; reduces phlegm, fights free radicals, serves as a natural sunscreen.
Dandelion - Protects and detoxifies the liver, kills bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses; cleanses blood and detoxifies; cellular protectors and preventative to cell damage (immune, liver, kidney, cancer preventative); promotes perspiration and serves as a mild laxative.
Strong Back Used to nourish the nerves and strengthen the male and female reproductive system. Also beneficial for persons suffering from sore throat.
Blood Wiss - Used to purge the blood and alleviate pain.
Raw Moon Used to build the body; and increase fertility through enhanced sperm count.
Coconut Roots Useful for toothache, fevers, menstruation, stops menstrual hemorrhaging.
Search-Mi-Heart Popular treatment for colds and stomach ailments.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.